The 2nd LEAF Virtual Festival Experience

Cultivating Cultural Curiosity & Connect

Fall is here and festival time has come. LEAF is officially entering into our 25th year and we're thrilled to have you on this journey with us. For a quarter of a century, we've been connecting communities and cultivating curiosity through cultural arts, experiences, and now, with our LEAF Global Arts center.  

Through our work and our many LEAF Festivals, we've hosted 500,000 people at the majestic Lake Eden, represented 101 countries and 16,000 performers. Since the pandemic hit, we've gone virtual. First with our classes and May V-LEAF and then with Reimagine 2020. And now, in honor of our 25 years and what would have been our 50th festival, V-LEAF is back for October! Join us THIS WEEKEND, October 23-25, 2020 at VLEAF.org for a weekend of cultural arts experiences, important conversations, musical performances, and more!

What to Expect at “V-LEAF"


​Log on everyday at noon for a new virtual journey! Explore Cultural Connection, Learning Journeys and Musical Performances at your own pace throughout the day. Or follow along on the "big screen" at the top of the website for a curated festival experience.

Music! - A combination of limited live performances, at-home recordings, and restreams of some of LEAF’s most iconic shows. The festival will be anchored by its trademark musical curation and genre variety.

International Exploration! - Explore the world through the eyes of LEAF Culture Keepers and global artists.

Family-friendly music & arts - LEAF is a family tradition! LEAF Schools & Streets Artists will be showcasing their arts and creating free classes for all ages.

Renew your spirits! Pathways to explore healing arts, shop with artists and recipes for favorite festival EATS.

Online Auction to support LEAF’s future beyond the global pandemic. Global artwork and much more!

LIVE Events! - Join us for two specialty events. 

1. Bootsy Collins Funk Master & LEAF Advisor Album Release Live Watch Party 9pm EST (Tickets $10).

2. Southern Fried LEAF Poetry V-SLAM. Saturday 10/24/20 
7pm - 8:30pm 

Hosted by with James Nave, Slammaster since 1995
Featuring 12 top poets Ed Mabrey, Justin Blackburn, CB Barker, Jerri Hardesty, Jim Dwyer, Torrey Shineman, Cristo Healy, Fredrick Eberhardt, Jessicah Kean, Jahman Hill, Roscoe Burnems and Theresa Davis 

1. Connect Daily!

On October 23, 24 and 25 we will post daily schedules and interactive activities at 10am. Invite ALL your friends around the world.

2. Get LEAFy!

Pull out your favorite festival gear, costumes, decorate your house & maybe even sleep in a tent. Take a selfie and tag us on instagram @LEAFGlobalArts and use the hashtag #VLEAF

3. #KeepLEAFAlive

While V-LEAF is a FREE virtual event that we put on for our community, the LEAF organization is still in need of your support. We ask that you consider joining membership, making donations & supporting collaborating artists & vendors to help build and sustain our future.

4. Stay Curious

Like any festival schedule, there will be down time in between sets. This isn't a time to close your computer, but explore the rest of the world. As you're waiting to dive in the next set, take time and explore all the other experiences we will have to offer. 

#LEAFLove and Gratitude