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The LatinX mixer

La    Introducción

Attention! LEAFers! You Are Now Entering A Safe Space


La   Música

They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.

Dancing Woman
La   Comunidad

We can't be together, so the very least we can do is surround ourselves with our voices, our art and our heroes. 


Adriana Chavela is founder and Executive Director of Hola Community Arts. She is responsible for business and editorial operations, and revenue growth across all divisions of the company.

For more than a decade, Adriana Chavela has served as diversity consultant to business leaders.  Her consulting assignments focus on entrepreneurship, Latinos in America, career advancement, and marketing diversity management. She has appeared on television and radio as a commentator and expert on Latino community and culture.


Ponkho Bermejo- Amy Cantrell and Adrienne Sigmon are Co Directors for BeLoved Asheville- Which is a non profit with multiple initiatives from Proud to Be Brown geared toward Latinx Youth to Street Medics for our un housed community. Here is a way to get involved -  

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